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Jinan Rezes CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in No2. 3-B5, No.5577 North Industy Road, Licheng District, Jinan, Shandong Province, China. It is mainly engaged in fiber laser cutting machines, co2 laser engraving and cutting machines, fiber laser marking machines, co2 laser marking machines, laser welding machine and laser cleaning machine etc. Jinan Rezes CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. unswervingly implement the globalization strategy, and our products sell well in nearly 100 countries and regions, providing high-quality laser equipment for global customers.


Jinan Rezes CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. adhere to the business philosophy of "cooperation, integrity, innovation and service" and the service concept of "providing customers with high-value services with responsible attitude and professional skills". Based on the concept of win-win cooperation, we cooperate with many domestic and foreign institutions to build domestic professional CNC equipment and continue to create greater value for customers.



  • 07-222024

    How to maintain the Water chiller of laser machine?

    How to maintain the Water chiller of laser machine?     Water chiller of 60KW fiber laser cutting machine is a cooling water device that can provide constant temperature, constant flow and constant pressure.Water chiller is mainly used in various laser processing equipm...

  • 07-082024

    Tube fiber laser cutting machine

    Tube fiber laser cutting machine In modern industrial manufacturing, tube fiber laser cutting machine has gradually become an important equipment with its high efficiency, precision and flexibility in the field of metal processing , and plays an irreplaceable role in var...

  • 07-012024

    Wholesale Glass Tube CO2 Laser Marking Machine Manufacturers

    In the field of modern industrial production and manufacturing, laser marking technology is widely used in various industries for its high efficiency, precision and flexibility. As an important equipment, glass tube CO2 laser marking machine has become an indispensable t...